The agenda for 2017 was packed with insight, trends, top tips, interviews and more.

Below we have captured some of the highlights for you to review and share with your teams.
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Dave Coplin. The Envisioners
Changing Retail Landscape: Now, Near, Next.
Technology is constraining the way people live and work rather than being a force for good that liberates everybody, which has to be changed if the myriad benefits of technology are to be ultimately enjoyed.
Ben Towers. Tech Entrepreneur
Think differently. Be brave. Embrace change.
As one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the UK, Ben Towers found his youthfulness presented many challenges but he has resiliently battled through and today provides much inspiration to businesses and individuals with his can-do attitude.
Michelle Beeson. Forrester Research
Retail Transformation Starts Here.
For retailers, Beeson highlights some key aspects of the digital transformations that are now being undertaken across the sector.
Rebecca Thomson. Drapers
Why is fashion disrupting the retail space?
Technology is enhancing the shopping experience. Find out what Topshop, Myers and more are doing around VR. Also, Rebecca talks about Chatbots -another development that uses AI technology and being adopted by a growing number of retailers.
Mike Butler.
Insights into GDPR for Retail
With data becoming the lifeblood of retailers, it is imperative that they recognise the changes that are going to be brought about by the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
Max Way. K3 Retail
The vision of Intelligent Systems & what it means to you.
Microsoft is spending a lot of time and effort on machine learning and AI... When this is brought to bear as a complementary capability alongside the likes of Dynamics 365, LinkedIn, the Office suite, and the various solutions delivered by Microsoft’s partners, then K3 Retail and its clients will be major beneficiaries.
Niall McGovern. K3 Retail
Paving the path to success – Easier, Faster, Better.
Having the latest technology adoptions has its benefits of course but retailers need reasons for making such investments – whether they are commercial, functional or technical. However, the competition won’t stand still and stay in-line with a retailer’s legacy capabilities.
Helping Hand Initiative
New programme launched by K3 Retail with British Heart Foundation, Crisis, Oxfam and Sue Ryder.
To find out more or get involved with the Helping Hand initiative, Get in touch here
Panel Q&A hosted by Juliet Mann
Retail at a Crossroads - what next?
Lively discussion session with AGR, CRA, LS Retail, and VeriFone. The key themes discussed in this session were 'Not technology for technology's sake', introduced by Robin Osterley, CEO of the Charity Retail association. Melissa Cupis, group business development director for AGR discussed 'Evolution not Revolution'. Carsten Wulff, regional VP for LS Retail spoke about the importance of delivering personalised experiences and James Lotz, head of UK & Ireland at Verifone discussed rewarding loyalty.

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